SMS Gateway is a hardware that allows you to automate text messages via SMS and messenger service securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

Automate text messaging via SMS and messenger service.
Secure and privacy compliant.

Better Communication with

SMS Gateway - sending SMS safe and reliable with your own hardware



The SMS gateway sends SMS messages from every IT system. It is independent from internet, WiFi, mail servers and cloud services, it will also work when the internet is down.


Every cell phone can receive SMS regardless of its operating system and the apps installed on it.
Easily automate the sending of SMS messages via HTTP API and email.


You retain cost control. With your own brevis. one SMS gateway and the appropriate subscription for a SIM card, you can even save consequential amounts of money compared to SMS cloud providers.

Compliant with data protection and privacy laws

With a brevis. one SMS gateway you can send your messages in compliance with data protection. The communication is via HTTPS. Your valuable data is transmitted directly and securely from the device to the mobile network without the involvement of other 3rd parties (like cloud providers).

SMS - Short message. Big Effect.

Reliable and quick corporate communication for...


• IT-Systems 
• Fire protection systems
• Video surveillance
• Failure of heating, air   
   or cooling systems
• Alarm systems 

Customer Service and Status messages

• Appointment reminders
• Order confirmations
• Booking confirmations
• Temporary logins
• Multifactor authentication 
• Security codes
• Device identifiers

Status Messages

• Error messages
• Shipping Information
• Status Messages after Service

Logistics control

• Messages in order and
   delivery processes, e.g.
   Shipping confirmation
• Sending links, e.g. to Service
• Location information
• Change of dates
• Communication with drivers  
• German toll system uses SMS
   to transfer Billing

Marketing Campaigns

• Promotions
• Event announcements

internal communication

• Temporary logins
• Monitoring

News and Stories

1 SMS Gateway
Version 21 released

The latest release 5.0.0 of the firmware is available for download.


Bitburger utilized the SMS gateway for yard management

In order to inform the driver seamlessly via SMS, the Bitburger Brewery Group has opted for the SMS gateway.


Braintower SMS Gateway

BASIS Europe acquired the Braintower SMS Gateways business and continues distribution and development under the new brandname

10 good Reasons for SMS Gateway:

Every cell phone can receive and send SMS, without any additional apps.
High integration capability through open interfaces.
SMS has proven to generate more attention than e-mails.
Simple operation.
In compliance with data privacy laws due to independence from Cloud providers.
International language support.
Sophisticated “try before buy” evaluation options.
Durable technology through updates and continued development.
Favorable in acquisition & operation.
Made in Germany .

Our development and manufacturing process is located in Germany, where we find the optimal resources and qualified personnel to ensure first class quality. Development, Manufacturing and Logistics are in close proximity which allows us to provide flexible, quick service options.

Included software functions

E-mail to SMS

Use the e-mail to text message functionality to send text messages – directly and in just one click – from your own e-mail system, saving you time and work in updating another address book.


The SMS Gateway’s monitoring option keeps an eye on your environment and reliably reports failures and fluctuations. This way, even a system failure during the night doesn’t go unnoticed.


Expand the SMS forwarding to a policy-based routing of SMS and E-Mail messages, which allows you to perform different actions, depending on the sender, recipient or content of the message

Outlook Plugin

Outlook is a standard in business communications: fast, simple and everybody’s darling. The Outlook-Plugin can send SMS directly from within your Outlook. Use your contacts from your address book, without the need to maintain them twice (requires E-Mail to SMS).

Forwarding text messages

Everyday work routine does not go without e-mail. Have text messages sent as e-mails to one or more e-mail recipients.

Recipient Groups

Forward messages to a large number of recipients. Simplify the management of complex and recurring user groups. Save the time, performing this task manually – it’s yours.

High availability

Particularly important whenever the SMS Gateway performs critical jobs. Greater security means better planning for trouble-free operation.

Auto reply

Answer your incoming messages with a standardized automatted message.


With the RING-Feature the recipient phone ring in addition to SMS. This increases awareness, especially at the edge of the day and during the night.


Ready-to-use solutions for SMS notifications for some of the most popular monitoring & authentication systems.
If you need help integrating other systems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cost-effective, safe and secure

Depending on the volume of messages you send, using SMS Cloud services can become quite costly. Running your own SMS Gateway with an appropriate SIM card plan can save substantial amounts of money - every month.

In addition to cost savings, you can secure your valuable communication data with SMS Gateway. Every SMS message is sent directly from the unit into the telecom provider network. No other party is involved, saving you the hassle of separate contrats for compliance with global data privacy laws.


Hundreds of companies trust the SMS GATEWAY

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